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It was a fairly ordinary Friday for me. My girlfriend, however, went home to her mother who had some problems. What I do not know and honestly, I’m so happy. I just know my girlfriend would be gone all weekend and that meant I had time to watch some football. Beer and football, what else can you wish for?

That’s why I was not very happy when it called the door and especially not when I opened the door and saw Sonia standing on the doorstep. She is a little sister to my girlfriend and we rarely see her. Even when I saw her I knew what it would be about. It turned out I was right and thank you very much for that.

“Hi,” she said. “Is my sister at home. I want to talk to you both. ”

“I’m afraid she’s not,” I replied. “She has gone home to your mother all week long. Do not you want to go inside? ”

She walked in and I closed the door. She stood up a little and I could see she had something to think about. She looked directly into my eyes and I could sense she was a bit embarrassed by something.

” In fact, it was you I came to see. ”

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I was not surprised at all. Sonia has a blurred story behind him with debts and had major inconvenience in complying with agreements with his bank. My boyfriend had told me that her Debt was on the wrong side of 250,000 and most of it was for credit card companies. She took up new loans to keep up with new clothes all the time. It kept dressing her in nice clothes, but still.

Sonia so good, believe me, she did. But not in the classic way. It made her nose for it. She had broken a day like ten years in a small accident. But she had big brown eyes, a wide mouth with lips, almost begging to be kissed. She was about 170 cm high and weighed about 80 kg, so you might not call her too slim.

But it looked like it would have a very round back and a great chest. One can assassinate her sister’s diametrical opposition without offending anyone. She is slim and a bit pale in the skin, where Sonia is more golden in it. My boyfriend has short blond hair, where her sister has big, thick wavy hair. I had been told she spent about a thousand each month holding her hair, but I thought there had to be some envious people going and saying.

She stood in front of me in her tight blue dress, highlighting her full breasts and showing an impressive cavalry. The dress was not very long so you could see the long legs wearing silk stockings with a black pattern. At her feet she had beautiful black high heel shoes. To complete it, her perfume was all over.

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I felt wonderfully dizzy in her presence. I do not mind to admit it. I am quite taken care of by this girl. I have always been. It includes the whole family including my boyfriend. But she has a destructive gene somewhere in her own and that’s what I did not like about her. Her sister, on the other hand, has so much control of everything. I appreciate that.

She walks in front of me into the living room and I get the chance to look at her waving ass. The high heels hit a bold rhythm in the wooden floor. She sits on the couch and puts her hands on her thighs. The manicure she has recently received could still be seen. The long red nails were perfect. I sit next to her in the couch and barely I have sat before she asks me straight out. “Can I borrow some money from you? I really need! I’ll spend twenty thousand before Tuesday.”

I know she knows from my boyfriend that I’m doing quite well. I admit I earn more than quite good. By the way, I also know that Sonia appreciates a man. She has long come up with little remarks about how well I look in a suit and that kind of. But why should I borrow her money?

She would undoubtedly never pay them back, had no intention at all to do that. And that’s why she was in the situation she did. I breathed deeply while I looked at her. Even now, in this somewhat flattering situation, she seemed wonderfully beautiful.

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“I want to help you,” I said. “But I can not just give you money. Not without anything in return.”

“What do you mean?” She wanted to know and I felt my heart knocking a different rhythm than it used to. She was in a desperate situation and I had a chance to take advantage of it. I looked up and down her body. The long slippery legs, the slightly round stomach, the impressive breastparty and the full lips whispering their longing for being kissed. The glossy lip gloss helped it incredibly.

Sonia is at the beginning of the twenties and has the strength of his youth all over. Though she is a little overweight. But it actually helped make her so wonderful to look at. My boyfriend once told me that Sonia’s breasts still grew and they were also very big to look at. They were clearly bigger than those my girlfriend has.

While I was sitting and evaluating her body, I began to breathe deeper and I could feel my cock begin to have life in the underpants. Sonia’s big brown eyes slipped down between my legs and I knew she could see the bull, which I was okay with. I moistened my lips and hoped for a positive response.

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“I will pay you a thousand dollars to be allowed to kiss you and grin on your breasts.” Think I was told without shaking my voice. I could see she was sitting and doing something for and against. I imagined I saw a cash register in her eyes. It did not take her long time to come to a decision.

“Okay, but I want the money right away.” Before she could pull it back, I had raised my wallet, clutching the two moths daring flew up while the one asked if Christian the fourth was still king and drew a crackling new thousand dollar note. It was also the only one I had, but she managed to see my credit card next to it. Awake the note before I put my wallet on the table.

Even though we had “acted”, we were both unsure how this should be done. But as a wise man once said, even the longest journey starts with the first step. And it was me that should take it. My desire should not hinder me. Out of the eyelash saw our engagement photo where we happily smile to the photographer. Prayingly, I left as nothing. I’d rather play a little.

I moved all the way to her and leaned forward and began to kiss her on my throat. The smell of her perfume went right in my mind. I kissed gently at first, a little more definitely and finally with a sighing bum. Initially, she was a little stiff in it, but she began to sigh a little and allowed me to get closer. I took her face and made it rain with kiss all over the place.

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While my mouth kissed my life, I let one hand fall down under one breast and what a feeling it was. It was so rich that you could hear Dolly Parton shout his envy beyond the Rocky Mountains. When my lips touched her mouth, there was not a second before her tongue was in the doctor. Our tongues dueled on life loose.

I let a hand slide down the round stomach and she sighed in my mouth. When the hand found her thighs I hugged it before I forced her hand into her lap. Sonia pulled away from my mouth and overrated me with kisses on her throat and in her neck while her hand with the beautiful red nails found the pants in the pants. She hugged the bully and I went to.

By myself, my hand slipped under her dress and found the edge of the pants. Sonia suddenly pulled away and I felt completely wet on my throat. We were both a bit puffed and I was clearly frustrated. Did it end, had she got cold feet in those beautiful shoes? Thoughts of that kind hunted through my pinched brain, still playing with the fullness of her heavy breasts.

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“It was not part of our deal. It’s going to cost you,” she said, just watching me with the wild clothes. One can say that the table had turned to her favor. But I did not want to start a longer debate about money for your or that. I wanted it all.

“How much,” I asked, “would you like to have you here all night? Without restrictions. Everything is in play!

“Twenty thousand!”, She was prompted. By chance, the amount she had hoped to borrow from me. I regretted my contempt. She was not exactly an overclocker or something in that direction. I offered ten thousand for payment the following day. Sonia nodded. A trade was concluded and we handed each other.

It all was like a dream come true. For three years, for so long, I have gone with a stubborn frustration about having her to myself. I asked her to get up and I found the zipper in her dress in a ruf. It should be no matter how beautiful it looked. As it fell to the floor, the sight of her blonde underwear ran straight into my eyes.

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But I did not waste the time trying to pave it carefully. I asked her to lay in the wide sofa. I lifted her under her feet and looked at the high heels she had on. They looked designer shoes of the expensive ones. But they came off without a word from me. However, I could see they had to be new because there was hardly a scratch at the bottom of them.

Then I kissed her from under the foot and up one leg and up to the navel. She sighed when my tongue danced on the little jewel she has been sitting there. I kissed further under the heavy breasts and along the rich cavalry. They were just so big they breasts, so wonderful soft and warm and I loved them.

I asked her to get up because I wanted to pill her from her. It was time to see the big tits in free dressage. A small mark on the front told the size, but it did not matter, because when they arrived I was just so overwhelmed. They were huge. I could immediately see her sister had not exaggerated.

They were big, they were full, they were firm, they were round and only a few stretch marks at the top destroyed their beauty. A sure sign of authenticity. She slid down on the couch again and her big breasts lay like wonderful pillows on her. I immediately started playing with them and put their teeth in one nipple and she gave up. But I’m just happy.

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I could not get enough of those teats and lay long and kneeled, kissed, bed and licked so it was a bright one. I would like to have kissed each and every one of them, but they were simply too big for such a quick turn. It would have taken me hours to kiss them all over. There were other places on her excellent body I would like to play with.

Sonia helped me out with my clothes and when I was in my pants she brushed my bow with her long nails. She sat and looked at her open mouth and she looked sexy. As she pulled them down, the cock ran out and was happy to say hi to this beautiful woman. Hardly it had said good day before her hand grabbed it. It was so bad to see. The tanned fingers, the long red nails and her open mouth.

She tightens the grip of the root and the blood is hammering through the dick and it is so stiff. She smiles at me and says, “Rita has told you you have a big dick, but I just thought it was to boast. I actually thought it was a lie. But keep it up. It’s at least 24cm or more!”

I just smile back and see her hand drive back and forth and the foreskin pushes a lot of prism beyond her fingers. I just hoped I could keep up with the wild ride that was ahead.

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